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700AM Saturday Broadbeach - (Front of ELK coffee shop)

  • Sat 19th Jun 2021, 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
  • Shop G044 Oasis Shopping Centre, 12 Victoria Ave, Broadbeach QLD 4218
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7 am Every Saturday Meet outside Elk Coffeeshop Broadbeach

About this Event


Meet our group outside ELK and we head off for thirty minutes of light exercise/

I set it up for those that want to connect with locals, are feeling stressed, lonely, isolated during Covid or would just like to get to know a few more locals. The great thing about the group is it has no barriers so no matter what your age, where you are form, gender or fitness everyone is assured of having a great time.

This is the link

How can you help? Word of mouth is the primary reason people have joined us so come along or send this to a friend, it seems to have attracted a lot of interest and ABC interviewed me and the link to that and links are here


Here is the link again Hope to see you there

all the best



Located on the beachfront of Oasis Shopping Centre on Old Burleigh Road in Broadbeach (opposite Kurrawa Park). Elk is open daily from 6am to 4pm with the kitchen closing at 230pm weekdays & 3pm on weekends/holidays.

Raw concrete, copper and greenery cascading from above is a similar vibe to the one you came to know and love at Elk’s OG venue. Throw in a spotted tile feature wall and two mint green coffee machines at the newbie and we’ve got ourselves a winner gang. To absolutely no-ones surprise.

As usual, the place is absolutely pumping but owner Andrew Whiting and his team are cool as cucumbers and clearly thrilled with their new digs (same, to be honest). Wonder if they need a live-in menu tester person.

A sweet new summer menu adds to the fun with dishes almost too pretty to eat. Do it though because, so so delicious.

Although every plate carried out of the kitchen is both beautiful and a taste sensation, there are two we must discuss.

First, the Pineapple Panna Cotta is all kinds of colourful magic with puffed grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and yoghurt. Those words aren’t quite adequate but trust us, it could well be the most Insta-worthy dish on the Coast.

Next up is BREAKFAST GNOCCHI and we have died and gone to heaven. Honestly gnocchi is up there with the invention of electricity as far as we’re concerned and especially Elk’s version. It comes with heirloom tomatoes, smoked bacon, chilli, basil, fetta and poached eggs and let us eat it every day.

Give us a sec to compose ourselves.

Okay we’re good. So, Elk’s big move was initiated after Andrew got word that their first home on Chelsea Ave was going to be knocked down and so, the search for the perfect new space began.