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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Living Agroecology

Immerse in the Theory and Practice of Regenerative Food Production Systems Incorporating Permaculture, Agroforestry and Vegetable Production

About this Event

This hands-on learning experience in our ‘living classroom’ at The Farm is designed to give participants the experience of learning alongside professional regenerative producers in their working systems. Our systems work with natural succession to sequester carbon, build soil, create closed-loop nutrient cycling and yield an abundance of food, fuel, and fibre.

This course is ideally suited to:

• New landholders in the Byron Shire seeking a greater understanding of soils, climate, crop suitability and seasonal planting in our region.

• Land managers

• Aspiring market gardeners and farmers

• Landscapers with an interest in edible foodscapes

• Students of permaculture/syntropic farming/agroecology that are seeking detailed guidance with techniques and plant patterning on subtropical systems.

About the facilitators:

• Dr. Kevin Glencross is a research fellow who has been working in Asia/Pacific and subtropical and tropical Australia on applied research in agroforestry- integrating trees in agricultural systems. He has a particular focus on traditional agroecological systems and publications that address biodiversity conservation, soils and catchment protection, climate change resilience, food security, carbon sequestration, agroecology and ecotourism.

• Bunya Halasz is inspired by cultures that evolve creative practices of sustaining their material needs in a manner of deep reverence for their natural environment and all of its life forms. Through the lenses of Permaculture, Regenerative Agroecology and Successional Agroforestry, Bunya works as a designer, educator and gardening mentor. His work supports individuals and communities to grow food, fuel and fibre within ecologically regenerative systems as well as facilitating pathways of knowledge and skill sharing through courses and traineeships.

• Evan Anderson is on a lifelong journey of discovering what ecologically regenerative agriculture can look like at its greatest capacity and how it can regenerate both landscape and economy. Committed to the practical learning, he has been earning his living operating market gardens of his own for the better part of a decade. His focal work revolves around refining complex intercropping systems to pair production efficiencies with of ecological function.

The teaching will also be supported by guest tutors with specialist knowledge on apiary, animal management, broadscale forest management.

Topics Covered: Enrolling in this course entails a strong commitment to full attendance of 12 days, 8am to 5pm. This training offers guidance - and most importantly, practical skills in:

• Ecological fundamentals (with special emphasis on our local region)

• Incorporating trees and perennial plants into whole farm design

• Wholistic site/site design

• Seasonal vegetable production

• Regenerative soil management

• Integration of animals with intensive horticultural production

• Cabinet timber production

• Apiary

• Plant propagation and seed saving

• Pruning and microclimate creation

• The local regenerative economy

This course is delivered over a long time period to give participants the opportunity to see their work evolve and to complete crop cycles from planting to harvest. The dates for this course are:

Fridays March 5,12,19,26 May 7,14,21, 28 June 4,5(Saturday field trip), 11, 18

For more information, contact Bunya Halasz at