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Disclaimer: Due to the current uncertainty regarding coronavirus, many events are being cancelled. Please contact the event organiser directly via the contact details on the listing if you are unsure.

Kids Self-Discovery Retreat

Children have an incredible ability to experience life on an energetic level. They are very aware of how people, places, colours, food and s

About this Event

Rebecca and Catherine will welcome the kids with an introduction and some fun exercises to activate the brain for optimal learning and to ensure all kids feel welcome and at ease.

Group Activity #2 - Energy, Chakras, Breathwork & Guided Meditation (with Rebecca)

Group Activity #1 - Art & Colour Therapy (with Catherine)

There will be a break between rotations for morning tea and a chance to talk about healthy nutrition. A colourful fruit platter will be provided. Your child is welcome to also bring their own snacks for morning tea.

Closing Ceremony, including a certificate of completion and special gift.

Parents will receive a follow up email after the workshop to see what their children experienced, as well as some useful resources to use with their children to continue their creative and self discovery journey.

Group Activity #1 - Energy, Chakras, & Guided Meditation (with Rebecca)

Rebecca will teach the kids about the chakra system and how to create energy within the body to better understand themselves.

How kids think, feel and act is affected by the energy flowing through their chakras. This energy expands or shrinks according to the changes they experience in their internal world (how they think and feel) and how they interact with the external world (people they meet, places they go and the things they do, eat, smell and see).

Learning about chakras will introduce kids to the benefits of promoting stillness and quieting their minds, which can really help them deal with the stress of living in a world where constant stimulation is a regular part of life. It’s in these moments of stillness that they will give their intuition a chance to step up and guide them in finding ways to bring more balance into their lives.

Rebecca will show the kids how to create an energy ball as a way to be more aware of the energy in their body. The energy ball is a great tool for kids to use to rid negative emotions from the body.

Group Activity #2 - Energy through Art (with Catherine)

Catherine will be focusing on creating an energy ball and teaching the kids how colour subconsciously or consciously can reveal our emotions.

The children will experience a simple breathing and body relaxation exercise to connect to the I AM of self.

Children’s colours can sometimes feel dimmed down because they feel powerless and unexpressed, not knowing how to articulate feelings into words.

Through art they can express these feelings and be guided to their emotions and learn it is ok to feel anxious, frustrated, or annoyed.

The children will be activated and learn how to use colour and its energy to feel ignited again.

Your child will connect to their creative self, finding confidence, self-esteem, empowerment through the medium of paints.

I believe all children are natural artists and many have disconnected their artistic selves, therefore, I guide them to achieve a greater sense of peace, happiness to relax their body and free their minds.


The learning activities may be of particular benefit for kids who:

Love to express themselves through art and movement

Experience anxiety

Struggle to cope with stress

Have a tendency to worry or overthink

Have gut problems / food intolerance

Become aggressive and lash out when frustrated

Have trouble sleeping


About Catherine:

Catherine is currently an early years Montessori educator with her own business at home and she has worked as a primary school teacher. She is a Reiki Master, an art teacher, an author & illustrator, an advocate for self-care for women and holds a certificate in Colour Psychology & Chakras.

Catherine is passionate about guiding children to naturally use their intrinsic motivation, understand self-care and the importance of mindfulness, exploring emotions, naming them and feeling where they sit in the body. She is also a great advocate to promote awareness of how art can be used to build confidence, self-esteem and shift emotions in association with colours.

About Rebecca:

Rebecca is a Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Gut/Detox Specialist. She works with adults and kids in relation to solving a range of health issues such as food intolerance, parasite infections, body toxicity, emotional blocks, nutritional deficiencies and chronic illness.

She is passionate about helping children learn about nutrition, energy, self care, mindfulness, and natural ways to let go of day to day stresses and worries.

What to bring:

A beautiful smile

Water bottle

Hat (we will have the closing ceremony outside if weather permits)

Comfy clothes (that may get paint on)

Snacks (optional)

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Rebecca: or 0401 378 148.

Catherine: or 0423 058543