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Colourful Drip Cake Class - 13 Mar 2021

Colourful drip cake with chocolate shards and lollies

About this Event

Colourful drip cake with chocolate shards and lollies

Date : 13 MAR 2021 - Saturday from 2pm -7.30pm

Location : 138 Rosebank Avenue, Clayton South 3169

Skill Level : Beginner

No of participants : Limited to Six

Buttercream cake with colourful chocolate drip and chocolate shards decorations (Vanilla flavoured cake will serve 15 people)

Students will learn to tort, level and stack the cake.(Please note the cakes will be prebaked by us and students will get to start from layering the cake)

Will learn to colour the buttercream (please note the buttercream is pre-made, and the instructer will explain the buttercream making and you will be given printed recipe for the buttercream to try at home)

Will Iearn to fill and ice the cake with buttercream

Students will be explained the chocolate ganache making. And they will get to colour the chocolate ganache and will learn the dripping technique.

Students will learn to prepare the chocolate decorations

Finally they will learn to decorate the iced the cake with the chocolate decorations they prepared

All the ingredients and tools needed for the lesson will be provided by Cakewaves.

Apron will be provided

Please bring your own snack and drink (due to covid-19 we no longer provide snacks/drink) to consume during the break.

End of the lesson you will get to take the delicious cake you made and enjoy it with your family.

Recipes will be shared.

Special Notes

Covid-19 hygine measures will be taken

Social distancing will be in practice

Class numbers will be small and aligned to the covid rules

Cleaning procedures will be implemented