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ONA Sydney presents

Sam Corra Roast & Tasting Session // Finca Deborah 'Arctic'

In this session Sam Corra, roaster for both 2015 & 2018 World Barista Champions will roast & brew Finca Deborah 'Arctic' 3 different ways

About this Event

ONA Sydney Tasting Sessions are your opportunity to engage in a curated coffee experience with some of Australia's leading coffee professionals. In this 1hr session, ONA's Director of Coffee, Sam Corra will roast and brew one of his favourite coffee's 3 different, but exciting ways.

It is well known that Sam is an accomplished coffee brewer, coming 2nd at the 2017 World Brewers Cup, but what many might not realise is that Sam is one of the world's most accomplished roasters, having roasted the finals coffees of 2 World Barista Champions (2015 & 2018), and 9 Australian Coffee Champions (Barista, Brewers Cup, Coffee in Good Spirits).

During this session Sam will draw on his experience as both as roaster and a brewer to showcase a singular filter coffee in a 3 different ways.

The coffee? Finca Deborah 'Arctic', a Whole Cherry Carbonic Geisha that is this years harvest of the coffee he used to place 2nd in the 2017 World Brewers Cup.

Sam will be showcasing roasts from an Ikawa and a Giesen W1, and exploring both his approach to roasting, brewing and tasting filter coffee.

Ticket price covers 3 coffees roasted and brewed by Sam during the 1hr session.

Any questions, please contact us at