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Cacao Ceremony – Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing

Brisbane's Original Cacao Ceremony
Since 2014

About this Event

Our Story:

The first Ecstatic Dance Brisbane event happened 7 years ago in Northey St. Market, on the Cafe deck.

We started by offering free outdoor dance events, to share with the community the practice that changed our lives.

For the first few times, Monica and I were the only ones dancing, while people curiously watched and enjoyed the music.

The first ones that joined us were the kids that were playing nearby doing arts and crafts with Bob - the wonderful teacher who offers his time every Sunday for decades, enriching the lives of hundreds of kids every year.

The kids then began to drag their parents to join in and slowly the Cafe Deck was full of adults and kids dancing.

After almost a year, Northey St Market was temporary closed due to a Council concern, interrupting our events for a while.

From 2014 we started to hire venues and continue what we started on the beautiful Cafe deck under the mango trees.

Cacao Ceremony

Ecstatic Dance is a conscious movement practice that invites people to drop out of their minds and into their bodies to unwind and open to inner wisdom. Dance, Music and Cacao Medicine are the center point of these ceremonies catalyzing ecstatic states, where conscious mind limitations dissolve, opening the doors to the vast subconscious intelligence. It is an opportunity to connect deeply with self and others in fun ways words cannot express. A gracious experience to meet yourself as you are and open a space where you can see beyond who you think you are... It’s about you, freedom, joy and honesty.

For thousands of years, cacao has been celebrated as a food of the gods. Together we will drink a cacao elixir, giving ourselves the opportunity to enter into the stillness and wisdom of our being. This journey will offer a space to develop self-awareness, be moved by deep emotions, expand your intuitive awareness and align your actions with your intentions.

The session starts with an intention setting, followed by a set of somatic exercises used in shamanic practices to induce a state of relaxed awareness or trance and prepare for the dance journey.

Wind down & Sound Healing - special guest Elena Lymbery.

The dance floor is non-verbal which invites a deeper somatic experience. It is a drug and alcohol-free event.

What kind of music is played? And what do we do?

We play music that encourages movement. Our sonic journey is a fusion of world music, electronica, dubstep, tribal house, classic remixes and more!

In this space, all are welcomed into radical self-expression and acceptance. Do yoga, stretch, dance like no one is watching, or just chill and enjoy the music.

- 5:15 pm - Doors open - arrival and grounding

- 5:30 pm - Opening circle & Cacao sharing - it’s a chance for you to get to know who is in the room, share a bit about yourself if you wish and set the intention for the ceremony.

- 6:00 pm - Warm-up exercises to support your relaxation and trance journey

- 6:20 pm – Music starts in a low beat to give you the chance to ground into your body. The rhythm progressively increases once the room starts to move. It may reach a high energy several times during the dance and slow down to conclude with a smooth landing back to stillness at the end.

- 8:05 pm - Sound Healing - a wind-down meditative moment using Singing Ring bowls and other acoustic instruments.

- 8:40 pm – Closing circle – we sit together to ground using breathing and toning, then end by clapping together three times and the fourth time back to the earth to come out of trance and end the ceremony.

- 8:50 pm – Non-verbal time is over - have a chat with the people you shared the space with during the dance.

Arrive and leave whenever you want but be mindful not to disturb the other participants.

Ecstatic Dance Agreements

This is a Free-form Movement Temple

To maintain the ultimate freedom we agree to the following:

1. No talking on the Dancefloor (or at the Altar).

- Please whisper off of the dancefloor only

2. No street shoes on the dancefloor (light soft shoes are OK). No showing up drunk or drugged, no pictures, video, or wearing of scent (please be clean).

3. Respect the Space - Others' Space and the Collective Space.

When Approaching others:

- Listen for a Yes (get eye contact first)

- Respect any No (like when they are ignoring you)

- Respect the Solo Dancers' Right to their Space

- Hands in prayer at heart means: "I see you, and thank you for the dance (that just ended)."

This is a Transformational Space for Healing, Prayer, and Freeform Movement.

You will be asked to leave if you do not follow these agreements.

For Cacao Ceremony:

– It is often suggested to not eat for a few hours before consuming cacao for the ceremony.

– Drink a lot of water during the day prior to the ceremony.

About Elena:

Sound Healing Meditation / Relaxation

For over 20 years Elena has been studying and practicing different natural healing modalities.

These include Kinesiology Certificate IV from Australian College of Natural Medicine, Reiki: Traditional Usui, Sekhem and Karuna; Pranic Healing, NLP, Australian Bush Flower & Light Frequency Essences, Shamanic studies, Tibetan Crystal Bowls, Sound & Crystal Healing, Chanting, Sacred Geometry and Light Language.

Elena is highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. She loves to use her abilities to assist and empower others by raising their vibration and awareness, to create the life that they choose.

Recent studies have shown that certain frequencies can have relaxing and healing effects. The sound has the ability to positively affect our whole being. Tibetan Crystal bowls and gongs were used for centuries to create feelings of peace, relaxation and to deepen meditation.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

- Balances both hemispheres of the brain

- Creates a feeling of deep relaxation

- Improves sleep

- Reduce anxiety

No dance experience required***

Free parking available onsite.

Limited spots available, booking highly recommended.

Most of our participants RSVP on Facebook: